How it Works

Plan and Design Your Fund

This is what sets TeeShirt Fund apart from the rest. At TeeShirt Fund, we are committed to making sure your shirt designs are awesome! We provide you with a designer that works with you one-on-one to create a design that truly represents your campaign. 100% free!

Set Your Goal!

The beautiful part about TeeShirt Fund is that you control how much you make. Each product sold has a base price which is based off the material, printing costs, and shipping. Above and beyond the base price is the amount you get to set! If the base price for your shirt is $7, you can feel free to charge $20 per shirt. This would give you $13 profit!

Spread the News

With all of the information in our hands, we will get to work generating your personalized TeeShirt.Fund campaign page. Once we're done with your campaign page, we will send it to you for a final look over before making it active. Once your campaign page is active, we will send you a unique code that will allow people to access your fund page and order shirts. Now it’s time to post your fund code to all your favorite social media sites and spread the word!

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Your fund page is live, and people are flocking to it like crazy! They can purchase as many shirts as they'd like. The more, the better! Remember, you are looking to hit your goal, or better yet exceed it! The more shirts purchased, the quicker you meet that goal. Spread the word via email, text, social media, and word of mouth!

Sit Back and Get Paid

Congratulations on meeting your goal! All that hard work of selling paid off, and now it's time to make the shirts, and collect a check. Once the fund is completed, we get to work making the shirts, boxing them up, and shipping them out. After your shipment is complete, we will send you a check of your profits!

Fund Raising Made Easy!

Don't wait until the last moment.