Fund Raising Made Easy

TeeShirt Fund is a fun and easy way for your organization to sell teeshirts and make money! TeeShirt Fund is 100% free and 100% RISK free. You never handle money or inventory. All you have to do is market your campaign, sell your shirts, and make money!

Upload and Launch

Upload your design and start your campain. Don’t have a design? That’s ok! We can design a shirt for you 100% free.

Promote & Sell

Sell your shirts any way you can! After all, they are making you money, right? Use your social media accounts to reach lots of people!

Shirt Delivery

Once your campaign ends, we will get busy making your shirts. They will be delivered directly to you or your customers! Hassle free!

Make Money

Since we handle all of the money for you, just sit back, relax, and know that you will be receiving a check with your profits at the end!